Money Moon Water (8 oz) by Callahan's Cauldron

Callahan's Cauldron
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Enhance your magic rituals with this moon water, specially charged and blended to invoke wealth and prosperity. Founded in 2022, Callahan's Cauldron uses purified mountain well water, genuine gemstones, and the moon's energy to create ritual washes for every purpose. Citrine is a stone of abundance, manifestation, prosperity, and success.

8 fl. oz Money moon water in a green plastic bottle with Citrine chips inside. External use only.

Suggested uses: Use in spells to attract opportunities for prosperity. Add to bath water. Cleanse your altar or sacred space. Anoint objects with intention. Dab on chakra points. Add to spray bottle to create a cleansing mist for your area or aura. Cleanse and charge your crystals or jewelry.