Cat Magick by Rieka Moonsong

Rock Point
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Incorporate feline energy into your spell and ritual work with this beautifully illustrated guide. Cat Magick invites you to bolster your magickal practice by embracing your wild feminine and developing the bond with your feline familiar. Learn about the centuries-long veneration of cats; feline history, myths, legends, and folklore; and the distinctions between familiars, guides, and messengers.

Begin working with the unique energies of domestic shorthair and purebred cats, as well as big cats, including tigers, lions, and panthers. Conduct your own rituals for:

Calling your feline guide and familiar to you
Strengthening the bond with your familiar
Syncing with lunar and solar energies
Creating fur talismans
Healing with cat medicine
And much more!

Open yourself up to Cat Magick and elevate your relationship with felines into one full of unity and mysticism.

ISBN-13: 9781631069550
Publisher/Imprint: Rock Point
Publication Date: August 2023
Product Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 160 pages
Size: 7.5 IN x 5.5 IN