Three Divine Roses: Rose Oil in the Magic of Aphrodite, Isis, and Hekate

Posted by Freya MoonShadow on 27th Mar 2024

Three Divine Roses: Rose Oil in the Magic of Aphrodite, Isis, and Hekate

Throughout history, the rose has been revered for its captivating beauty and intoxicating fragrance. Rose oil, derived from the petals of this enchanting flower, holds potent energy that can be harnessed to enhance various aspects of magical practice. In witchcraft, roses are especially associated with three very different Goddesses: Aphrodite, Isis, and Hekate.

Let’s consider some of the diverse uses and benefits of rose oil in magic and explore how to incorporate it into your Goddess magic:

1. Love and Romance (Aphrodite)

Rose is inextricably linked to feminine allure, and why is that? Many people say that the rose flower resembles the female genitals in appearance and that its dewy petals mimic the texture of soft skin. Rose’s sweet and sensual aroma can conjure feelings of passion and arousal, making it an ideal ingredient for love spells and rituals.

Just as Aphrodite could charm any mortal or deity with Her divine beauty, so can you weave a spell of seduction with the help of the most desirable of perfumes.

- Anointing candles: Before lighting a candle for a love spell or attraction ritual, anoint it with a few drops of rose oil to infuse the flame with the energy of love and desire.

- Love potions: Add a drop or two of rose oil to love potions or aphrodisiac concoctions to enhance their potency and invoke romantic energies.

- Ritual baths: Create a luxurious bath worthy of Aphrodite by mixing a few drops of rose oil with sea salt. As you soak, visualize love and passion enveloping you, allowing the rose-scented water to cleanse and attract love into your life.

2. Emotional Healing and Self-Love (Isis)

Isis was known to the ancient Egyptians as a potent magician, divine mother, and teacher. She knew the secrets of magical healing and once even brought her brother Osiris back to life after his body was cut into pieces. She was frequently invoked in spells for strength, healing, and triumph during times of pain.

Roses are often used in rituals dedicated to Isis, as they are believed to help invoke her energy and connect with her divine presence. The Egyptian hieroglyph for a rose resembles a doorway, which further emphasizes its association with revelation and mystery.

Modern witches may call on Isis to heal emotional wounds and restore our strength. The gentle and soothing energy of rose oil can be a great aid in Isis’s sacred magic of self-healing. Here's how you can utilize rose oil for emotional healing:

- Offerings: Offer rose oil or rosewater to Isis, especially during the Full Moon when Her presence is most felt. As you breathe in its fragrance, make your petitions to the Goddess for calmness, wholeness, power, love, or anything that your heart requires.

- Healing rituals: Anoint yourself with rose oil during healing rituals or baths to promote emotional healing and self-compassion. Visualize the rose's loving energy enveloping you, helping to release past hurts and fostering self-growth.

- Positive affirmations: Create a blend with rose oil and carrier oil, then use it to anoint your heart chakra during affirmations or self-love rituals.

3. Spiritual Connection (Hekate)

Hekate is revered as the Goddess of witchcraft and a guide to the underworld. Wild, thorny, or climbing varieties of roses (and dark roses) are especially appropriate to Her worship.

While her historical connection to the rose is more tenuous than those of Aphrodite and Isis, some have pointed to the rose's use as a funerary flower since ancient times. Some also see an affinity between Hekate and the more traditionally "floral" figures of Diana and Persephone (especially in their aspects as Queen of the Witches and Queen of the Underworld, respectively). Whatever the reason, modern witches have widely accepted the rose as a symbol/attribute of Hekate and use it within Her rites and rituals.

Many people who are aware of the love-drawing properties of rose oil have never tried it as a psychic aid. The calming scent of rose oil can help gently open the third eye, while soothing the heart to better accept its messages. Consider these suggestions for using rose oil in your Hekate magic:

- Meditation aid: Apply rose oil to your pulse points or diffuse it in your meditation space to create an atmosphere conducive to spiritual questing.

- Divination rituals: Anoint divination tools, such as tarot cards or scrying mirrors, with rose oil before using them.

- Prophetic dreams: For clear and true dreams, mist your pillow with a solution of water mixed with a few drops of rose oil before going to bed.

From love spells to emotional healing and psychic sight, incorporating rose oil into your magical repertoire can add new dimensions to your magical work. Remember to source high-quality rose oil and infuse it with your intentions for the most powerful and transformative results. Embrace the captivating power of rose oil and let its aromatic essence guide you on your magical journey of love, healing, and spiritual growth.